Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Cranky!!!

Remember a while back when I was so proud of my ipod touch and how I was downloading audio books from the library.  Well, I've been doing that for a while and enjoying myself thoroughly...I've listened to a lot of good books while ellipting on our elliptical machine. (makes the time go faster and I don't notice the exercise...yeah , right!)....well, anyway, today I got a notice that "Catching Fire" was available for download...yippee...right?? I'd listened to Hunger Games and loved it ...couldn't wait for the next one in the trilogy...got my name down for number three....just setting the scene here.

Today I plugged in my ipod, downloaded the book to my laptop.....14 times and 14 times only got the title, no book...needless to say I was irked. So I uninstalled the software programme that provides the audiobooks at the library and re-installed...sometimes that will do the trick...not this time...after 3 attempts to download the book and the same result, I got a little frustrated and decided to try it again...this time on the desk size computer or as we say in this house that piece of s%$# that we both use for another email programme.  I downloaded the software from the library and tried again.  Success! I got the whole book on the newly installed software...I was getting excited here!. This time I plugged my ipod into the big ol' desk top computer and started the download....things were looking up. I had to toddle off to a meeting so I left the computer huffin' and puffin' away and fully expected to have it do the trick without my supervision. When I got home, I checked and there it was on my itunes but only 3 chapters...grrrrrr! So I tried again.....it takes forever on that stupid....er...just in case it's listening....sweet computer.  No luck and as I sit here typing up my tale of woe, I am trying for the 4th time.  What makes it more frustrating than ever, is that the software programme at the library has no humans that you can talk to, it is only computer generated suggestions and believe me I have a few suggestions for them.

If I finally get this book in its entirety I will, of course, take back all the nasty comments that I made while waiting for the download...if I don't get these books to read, then I will break down and buy the set...the first one is a good read...no doubt the second one will be too and  for the third...well, I'm impatient, I can't wait forever.

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GailM. said...

ahh, technology. You can't live without it, but I agree, it's trying at times.