Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas

 Meet Walker, our daughter's dog, he is just a year old and absolutely gorgeous. He's going to be a big boy compared to our dainty little Shelties. Walker is a blue merle and because he grew too big his breeder was willing to let him go despite the fact he has wonderful points and you should feel that coat. He's very polite , although our girls have taught him some bad manners and best of all, he is a cuddler...puts Faith to shame.
 This is our youngest...Meghan with her buddy. Once Meghan comes home Tigger is no longer my dog. She shadows Meghan, sleeps on her bed and won't let anyone near Meghan's things....lets them know in no uncertain terms that Meghan is "hers". She will even condescend to more than a couple of minutes of cuddling as pictured here....only for Meghan.
They finally accepted each other on the same blanket...see there are little miracles every day, especially on Christmas day.  I hope your special day was as wonderful as ours and that the New Year brings you peace, joy and good health.

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