Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupational Therapy

 Here are the latest 4.5 inch squares for my "Dutch Treat".  I forget how many squares that I have to do each time I get back to this. One hundred and Ninety-six is what the book tells me but geez these are so tiny and just a tad tedious.  When I have patience they work up quickly, but when I'm fractious I find them very tiny. But I will persevere and finish this if it kills me...what's that saying...'what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger'..let's hope it's true.
 I put together my Baltimore Bouquet top this far.  This is only about 67 inches square..I want to add another 20 inches of background and do some vines, flowers, yoyos, embroidery and such. When I think about it, this quilt is not really practical...too many bumps and fragile flowers for every day use., especially with two rambunctious dogs around that look upon our bed as their stomping ground. It will probably end up stored in a closet somewhere but what the heck, I do love to hand applique.
I Really liked doing this square with the weaving in the basked and although you can't see it very clearly the handle is folded bias twisted and sewn in it  more texture.  It was funny ...when I finished it, without the embroidery it seemed kind of bland...then with the French knots it seemed to come to to do and little bit of a challenge.
 Here are the girlies...on a quiet time...doesn't happen all that often but they sure are sweet when they lay down and relax a bit.  Faith is the lady...much too prissy to chase a ball but look out if she wants to play, you play NOW.  And then, there is Tigger, my foxy girl.  She has eyes like a doe and a face like a sly fox...she's demanding as all get out. She will play nonstop if anyone will accommodate her.  That's my girl.
I kind of got a kick out of this picture.  Usually it is Tigger looking out the window in this position but this time Faith took over.  You'll notice the lap quilt slowly falling off the back of the couch.  I think I pick that thing up at least a dozen times in a day. They are such nosy girls...loud , too.


Linda H said...

Ooooh,LOVE the small blue and white blocks....

Mags said...

Love the Dutch blocks...I fondled those patterns many years ago and put them back on the shelf :-)
Your Baltimore Album is really pretty. I have wanted to make one for many years....hmmmm may be a stash buster project. I am trying to cut down the scraps into managable/storable sizes...maybe I will cut the pieces for those blocks? I am trying to make "kits" as I bust that stash so why not an applique kit?