Sunday, September 25, 2011

No,it's not Christmas yet.

But I do have to get ready for it.....right?  Actually this is the prototype for a Christmas project for my guild. I figured I should have one done so they can see what it is they will be doing in November...that is, if the wish to do it.  It was a fun project ...not  at all difficult. I got it out of a current Christmas magazine ...can't remember the name and I'm too lazy to run down stairs and find it. I started it last night ...sort of slow going since I wasn't sure what fabrics I wanted to use . Then this afternoon I got down to it and finished it.  Took about 5 hours in total which means that it won't get finished on project day  but it will be almost done and they can do the finishing touches at home...there!!!

 Tigger showed her usual faithful companion is always hovering close by...she follows everywhere and only rests when she figures I am sitting for a while....a bundle of energy this one.
This is probably the 5th picture I took of Faith. Each and every time I snapped the camera she turned her head...little witch. I swear she knew I wanted to take her picture and decided to play hard to get.. I don't know if you can tell or not, but her beautiful Sheltie coat is starting to come back in.  She is actually a slim and trim little girl but we noticed today that all that fur coming in gives her a big butt and she has the cutest wiggle. Now Tigger's coat is a little slower coming in since she is much younger ...I doubt if Tigger will ever have the thick coat like Faith but it really doesn't matter to us...we love them both the same...

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GailM. said...

Love the Santa with the beard hanging out. It's just sweet. Those pooches love to tease you when you get your camera out. I expect with fall here and winter soon to come, their coats will thicken up.