Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Quiloinka

 This ugly,  er....passable looking lady is my Fairy Quilt Godmother.  Since I am not a complete paper piecing convert it took me weeks...yes, I said it...weeks to finish. I kept putting it off...just couldn't see how it would work but there she is , in all her glory. My daughter's guild did theirs in a mystery project and she challenged me.  Mind you, I have mine finished before her...I don't care if she is in the process of moving houses...I won!!..LOL
Part of the reason it took me weeks to finish Quiloinka was some gardening that just had to be done...we won't talk about's not my favourite part of yardwork.  However, I would like to say that I love Moonbeam Coreopsis..just saying it makes me smile.  A lovely lady in St. George, who has since passed away, gave me a piece of her plant and I brought it with me to Sussex. It is so pretty....grows small bush high and is wispy...pretty accent plant.

 This is an Annabelle hydrangea...I've wanted one for years but never knew what they were called until....duh.....I asked someone who had one. I'm happy to say, I planted one last fall...never expecting it to grow and boy it sure fooled me. They have such big, fat blossoms...wonder if they dry well like all the other hydrangeas. Guess I'll just have to try it to find out.
 Here's Faith, anxiously watching the hummingbirds at the back feeders. They have been extremely active these days and emptying the feeders daily. I figure they are bulking(now that's a picture) up for the long trek south...although DH says they won't leave until the geese fly by. He claims they hitch hike a fly down. Silly man!
Tigger has been a little clingy of late. We left the two munchkins home for a day while we attended a wedding out of town. The neighbours watered them and fed them so they were well tended but Tigger rarely lets me out of her sight. Not too pleased we went somewhere without them.  Dare we say, Spoiled!!

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Cheryll said...

I had a lovely visit with you today... so ThAnKs!
I was in Sussex several times over the last few weeks... LoVe it there!