Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gadget Geeks need carryalls..

 I believe I mentioned in an earlier post how much I am enjoying listening to books on my ipod. Well, I have dropped it a few times while walking on the treadmill.....horror of horrors, should I break it! I found this pattern in a magazine...God love 'em....and just had to make one.  My daughter warned me that the ipod wasn't as convenient as the shuffle but the shuffle is not big enough to download what are you gonna do? I compromised and made an ipod purse...aren't I smart!
 Here are the instructions for the aforementioned ipod easy to follow...made my strap just a little longer since I am a long lanky thing.
 Usually when I buy a magazine there is at least one thing in that interests me...this one was a winner. There are actually three things that I will be making...the ipod purse, a camera carrier and the coaster caddy with coasters...shown below.
This is the beginning of my sample caddy and coaster set....I don't plan on keeping this was just to get a feel for how quickly it worked up....thought I might get some of the quilters interested in making some at our guild programme never know.It's a little more intricate than I would like for a quick project but if we get the caddy made and one coaster that would get them started and maybe they could finish at home..
 Faith is starting to get her "Sheltie " Coat back.  She dropped it after having a section to save her one pup and then she was spayed so that was a second surgery. It'll take a while to come back in completely but she's a beauty anyway...she's our Princess Pudge...not really pudgy...just a very solid little girl compared to scrawny, skinny Tigger.
And here's the Tigger, checking out the activity outside. She's every watchful and those upright ears hear everything... great watch dog...not too good a guard dog...licking the trespassers does not come under the criteria for guard dog.  Oh well, she's a lover not a fighter..

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GailM. said...

Those 4 legged babies are just too cute. Love the ipod holder. I've been using an Ipod for some time. I went through a audiobook phase, then I went through a music phase (The Mama's and Papa's Greatest Hits) and now I'm on a classic rock radio phase. I've made several little holders for my various ipods. Some were better than others. This one that you made is sweet!