Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another quilt in the frame.

 I am never certain what I will quilt in the border of a's usually a light colour and conducive to some fancy quilting...there's my traditionalism coming in.I debated long and hard on what to put on this border...not sure why, it's not a quilt that is going to anyone...just a bed warmer for me. But, it just called out for something different. My sister in law suggested I use a dark colour...which would mean I'd have to pay attention to my quilting and not just "whip" along. So here's what I chose. A 'twisted rope' of the first border stencils I ever quilted...oh so many years ago. 

Because of the Dresden plates as cornerstones I had to use a smaller stencil than the actual width of the border...then I got brave...the rope is in a burgundy and the 'rays' out from the plates are in a variegated quilting thread that I have laying around not earning its keep....lazy bastard. Then in the actual squares I marked cross hatching around the larger Dresden Plates.  A motley crew of designs.

Here are the colours of the threads...It's a darn good thing the back is a mottled fabric that will not show the colours of the quilting thread...see, there is a method to my madness.
And here is the quilt in the frame.  It's a small quilt...single bed size so I won't get too frustrated...I just finished a queen size for a neighbour...her fabric was soft and the needle went through like butter...not the case here.

 No pictures of the puppy dogs today, they're mad at's suppertime and I'm at the computer...not too happy little girls...maybe next time.


Linda said...

I love your quilting design choice. I also love that you are using different colour threads. Your quilt will be awesome!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful!!! But I would expect nothing else....lovely work

Linda H said...

It's gonna be gorrrrgeous dahlink!! Love the "twisted rope", especially the corner. Beautiful Gail!

GailM. said...

I love this. Do you load the quilt yourself. Oh, man, I really want to see how you load the quilt so perfectly tight. Love the rope design and the quilt.