Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving was great..how about you?

I bought a Fons & Porter's Quilting Celebrations and there was a table topper pattern (actually there are several) in it that I liked. This one is less structured than the pattern called for but I had a lot of fun doing it.  All machine ,applique AND quilting.  Yeah!!! As you know , if you follow this blog, I'm a hand piecing and quilting fan...it was totally out of my comfort zone. Sometimes that is a good thing to do.

Our neighbours invited us to an old-fashioned thanksgiving family dinner and it was wonderful. There were little children, parents,grand parents, great grandparents, cousins, brothers, in-laws and friends. It was noisy, lots of laughter, good conversation, gorgeous, well behaved AND mischievious children, a trio of dogs running around and the food...OMG, the food. We had a wonderful meal and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. DH and I are empty nesters with our daughters living "away". We felt so comfortable and had a ball.  "Tom Turkey" here understands , I am sure.

This is Faith. The picture does not do her justice. She is two years old and on the 25 of October she becomes ours. We are so excited.  We met her  at the same time we met Tigger, but she was a new momma and not available . Since then it has been determined that she should not have another litter(Only one pup was saved after her temperature did not drop during whelping and they lost the other pups)soooo...Faith will now become ours. The breeders know us, and know how much we love and understand our Shelties so we have been blessed...Can hardly wait...it will be Christmas early at our house.


Joan said...

Lovely blocks - and what a darling of a doggie. Faith looks really georgeous. Lucky you!

Heather said...

Sweet blocks! And Faith looks adorable, a lovely companion for Tigger... I am so happy for all of you... pets are the most wonderful blessing because they bring so much joy to our lives! Hugs.