Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas Now.

 Tigger approves.  You can see her coat is starting to come back in . After two surgeries, one right after the other her beautiful Sheltie coat took a real kickin'. It will come back though...just takes a little time.

This is the table topper that I finished tonight...added buttons for the holly berries. It , too, is in the magazine I bought this week...Fons & Porter's Quilting was a good purchase considering I see another pattern in there I am interested in.
I love reading blogs.  Found this little basked pattern tutorial over at the Pink Penquin....if I knew how to post a link I would do that. However, I do not soooooo.....forgive me please.  It's a cute little thing..perfect for adding a Christmas present in it and giving away  OR maybe I'll just keep it and put some of my "stuff" in it. You just never know...


Lisa Marie said...

Cute Table Toppers! Love them and just might have to get that magazine too :)

I bought 2 quilt mags today, some reading to do tonite.

Cheryll said...

Yes Xmas is JuSt around the corner. Nice topper!!!

Cynthia L. said...

Great minds think alike! I bought that magazine also and I am making the topper with the fall leaves on it. I will make one or two fot he Christmas toppers also. I love that little bag also. I have seen her blog and thought about making one of those - I need something for thread.