Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fools Rush In

I've become  interested in working with hexagons lately...small ones like the grandmother's flower garden are always fun, but the larger more intricate ones have caught my fancy. I drafted this one last night and made sure of my measurements this time so I wouldn't have to chuck it if it didn't work.  Surprisingly , it worked. That's not always the case since I have a tendency to leap before I look...thus, the title "Fools rush in". If all else fails , I will read instructions but usually I just rush right in and tackle any project that interests's made for some interesting oopsy's. The colours are not right on this pic...the blue is darker..much more of a contrast. Not sure how big this one will be but you can be sure I will be using more vibrant colours on the next ones.

The following picture is my excuse for not blogging lately. The Sheltie on the blankie is Faith...she looks a little sad right now. That's because she just came to us on Tuesday from the same kennel where we got Tigger ( And my little man..Skeeter) and she is feeling a little blue. She is 2 and 1/2 years old. She's a Champion and has been a mom. She had only one pup from her litter and it was an emergency CSection that saved that one. Her vet recommended that she not be bred again. The breeders were devestated because she is a beautiful dog and the only daughter of one of their best dogs. Anyway, Faith needed to go to a family home that would understand her and we were the lucky people that she came to.  She's shy, quiet and a real sweetheart...a perfect foil for Tigger. We're already in love with her. I take the two of them for walks every day and it is a hoot. They walk very well together  but the best part is that Tigger is long bodied, lean and lanky and runs everywhere...Faith is short, a bit of a porker and likes to amble. Can you tell I am enjoying being a two dog owner...what joy they bring to our home.


Cheryll said...

What a lovely story...good luck with the new member of your family. She looks like a sweetheart!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Faith is in the right home!! She'll get so much love there from all of you. Love that Hexagon, it reminded me a bit of that cube puzzle that was huge in the 80's.

Peg said...

What beautiful dogs - and how wonderful of you to rescue Faith! I'm sure she'll settle in quite nicely in time. Blessings, Peg