Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hollow Cubes Finished!

You've seen this before, I know, but now it is bound and ready for a label. It is one of the "round-to-it's" I committed myself to finishing for our quilt show at the end of the month.     I think when the show is over I will hang this in our small's actually the third bedroom but because it is just DH and I(and Tigger) we use it as a combinatin computer room and spare bedroom .

Tigger drinks like a bird...she laps the water into her mouth, tilts her head back and smacks her lips  until the water gets to the back of her throat. I tried to catch her so you could see this funny habit she has but she is too quick for me. This habit  stems from a small cleft palette she was born with(it has since been repaired). She doesn't feel the water as it goes down her throat unless she tips her head back.  She learned this adaptation to drinking as a little pup ...I don't think she will ever break the habit. She has forgotten herself on occasion, especially when we are travelling and she drinks out of a container that I bring for her, but the second she gets to her dish, up goes the head...she is a character. Her coat is starting to come back and you can see the black that is coming in on her sides...makes her look so slim....wonder if that would work for me????


Barb said...

What an amazing quilt.

Cheryll said...

I ReALLy like this pattern. Where's it from? You did a GrEaT job on it!!! Looks FANTASTIC.