Saturday, April 17, 2010

New to me

This pattern is called Hollow Cube. I saw a picture on a website and it intrigued me. When you break down the pattern is it simply a hexagon or baby blocks. I tried to draft it in my EQ6 but I'm not as proficient as I would like to be so I hauled out the old 1/4 inch graph paper and got to work. I used some of those techniques we were taught in Algebra and said we'd never use in real math people know what I mean. Anyway, it is actually bigger than I would like it to be but I got it figured out. I will probably redraft it in a smaller size since this one is way too large....I like smaller "squares". The placement of the colours creates the dimensional look. It was fun to do once I figured out my measurements were just a little off...I know, I know...".measure twice and cut once". I won't make a full quilt but I would like a wall hanging...scrappy , of course.
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Sunshine said...

What a coincidence - I just blogged about a hollow cubes class - I couldn't take it, unfortunately, so haven't made any, but there are a couple of runners/wall hangings in the photo in the post, maybe an idea for you?


Funoldhag said...

Way to go! I can usually figure out and draft simpler patterns, but that one would stump me. I remember years ago seeing a quilt full of figures like that. The cubes were bright colors on a black bacground. It looked like they were floating - 3D. You picked your fabrics perfectly.
:-) Carol

GailM. said...

It must be all the rage. My friend Kathy, who is going the GOG next weekend, just bought 2 books on this, to jazz up her one block wonder quilt. It's neat. I love mathy projects in quilts.