Thursday, June 22, 2017

Keeping Occupied!

I have a difficult time just sitting and doing nothing constructive.  TV makes me antsy, even if it is something I really want to watch.  If I am not doubly occupied I want to eat and that can be a bad thing.  When I decided I was going to go to Newfoundland to visit my Dad on his 90th birthday, I knew I would be in trouble if I didn't have something to work on. It had to be something small to work on since I determined to take only one suitcase and my carry on and that included my purse which I packed (empty) and carried my Professional Tote (made a few years ago) with all the necessities of travel in that so I knew I would not have lots of room ( I tend to overpack clothing).

If you have been following my blog then you know that I am a big fan of Sindy Rodenmeyer's work.  A few years ago she posted patterns of various dogs ...freebies....that I downloaded and saved. They are actually 12 inch squares but I used the diagram pictures she used to show placement of the various pieces for actual square size.  Worked out just great.   I picked my fabrics, cut out background squares and put each pattern in a plastic bag, packed them with the various threads, needles, scissors and trusty thimbles in an "Open Wide" bag I had made and off I went.(Wouldn't be hard to guess I am a quilter since everything was hand made)

Well, I was busier than I expected to be and when I had a moment to rest, I did just that. Who knew that visiting family could be so very exhausting. When I got home I realized that I hadn't done too much on my doggies...did manage to finish one square . So now I have some more done and thought you might like to see my "'tit chiens"
This is a Shih Tsu (sp?) on the left and a Dachshund on the right.  
As you can see I have eight of them currently working on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Sadly, I do not have a Shetland Sheep Dog....I may grab my courage and draw one myself.  I may be able to get a lookalike of Tigger if I work at it.

The squares will end up either 5 or four inches finished...not sure . I cut them six inches unfinished just to give myself room to pare down.  Bought some really nice Batiks in brown and tan so that will be the sashing. 

On a side note, bought my first Row by Row for 2017...don't plan on actually doing any until after Christmas and have them ready for the Villa Madonna in the spring.  One must keep up a tradition.

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