Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell

I usually have a lot of show and tell when I go to Quilt Guild but lately I've had nothin'.  Frustrating, cuz it looks like I am doing nothing at all. When the truth of the matter is, I have been appliqueing my fingers sore.  Here's the first part of the Fat Cat Alphabet.....
and here is how far I am now.  As you can see I am now at the V....not sure what kind of animal it is...I am guessing vicuna....since that is the only animal I can think of that starts with V.....sure doesn't look like one though. The U is a unicorn..and we have all seen one of those, right??
Out of sequence here, but this is one of the 150 Canadian women squares that I have been following.  Takes about an hour to do all three and they are kind of neat.  In this one I fussy cut a covered bridge since there are 16 of them in New Brunswick.

Tigger has never done this before. Usually she is up an staring out the window getting ready to bark her foolish head off.  Guess she is a tired puppy....all that protecting she's been doing, not to mention the herding she does.
Here's the last few squares of he 150 Canadian women....we are 1/3 of the way into the squares.  I am keeping mine in shades of red , mainly because I do like the original pattern which is all red but I must admit I have seen some on facebook both multi-coloured and totally in other colours other than red and they all look great. Going to be interesting to see some finished quilts.

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