Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bring it on!

 Well I am all caught up and now I am ready for the rest.  Even went to the Fabric Cupboard and bought 5 more reds.  There are so many to choose from and so many shades...hard to believe how many there are.

I've got my 30 done and now I have to sit and wait for Tuesdays to get 3 more each time.  Darn I am impatient!

Since it is hurry up and wait...which I cannot stand....too used to always doing something....I decided I should take a look at one of the many projects I have sitting in containers just waiting to be done.  The one that is really itchin' the spot is the Canada Mystery quilt that DD # 1 bought me for Christmas and several birthdays.....  I have the New Brunswick pattern all drawn and ready to be appliqued. 
The pattern has been designed for steam a seam and raw edge(or blanket stitch) but I really like to back baste applique so I am adapting as I go along.
I will post a picture of the first square I get finished.  I am not sure if I have all the patterns or if there are more to come so I shall just work away at what I have . If there are more it is another case of hurry up and wait....I don't know if I can stand this waiting stuff.

If I get really anxious there is always the row by row for 2016 that I have in another container....since 2017 is already gearing up...quilt shops are designing patterns as we speak....I really should get my 2016 done. I have it it is just a matter of putting it all together.In the meantime I can always sit and knit on the "toe up" socks I started. 

Hate to be bored!

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