Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ANother Mini

 I make myself so mad at times.  It never fails....I get over confident...careless and then I make mistakes and I could just spit nickles.  Grrrr!

This is another one of those patterns that I have always liked but just never wanted to make a full sized quilt of it.  I took out one of the many, many books that I have on quilt patterns..this one for miniatures and dug into my batiks and set about making this Snail's Trail ( It is 10 inches square).  Half way through I got cocky and never double checked my work...something I always tell any class I am teaching...you know...measure twice, cut once...it works you know.   Anyway, when I put this one together , of course, my points did not line up....damn, double damn.  DH says make another one and do it right....so I probably will...once I get over being mad at myself.

Here are the two minis together...the colours work...they can go close together..at least until I do the repeat Snail's Trail.....am thinking about number three mini...think it may be a version of Log cabin...I have made several log cabins...bed size and gave them all away....couldn't tell you where they went, mind you so I guess I better make myself a mini if only to have a Log Cabin in my collection...don't ask how many quilts I own, I am embarrassed to tell you.

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