Saturday, October 15, 2016

Had a great day trip!

The three musketeers , MW , DH and I went on a day trip .  We drove to Amherst , NS. to attend the fibre arts is town wide and a wonderful feast for the eyes.  I took only a few pictures..too busy yakking and admiring....but these caught my eye for various reasons.  First, I love to see quilts....miniature or a tad larger framed and this one was nicely  done.
Secondly, this maze quilt is fascinating to see and much more effective when hung high so you can see the full effect.  Doesn't hurt that the church is a gorgeous backdrop.
Thirdly, this little quilt was a cutie...the Scotties are appliqued and the border fabric is of Scotties as well. ..then the squares brought in the colours used in the plaids of the Scotties...clever.

That is all of the photographing I did at the Arts festival...there actually was not as much to see this year...not sure why but the modern quilts were not there and each show had fewer quilts.
 Now this I found very was at the Greater Moncton Quilt was a bed turning.  In pioneer days the ladies didn't get to see each other during the winter and when the spring came they would have a 'bed turning' wherein they would stack the quilts they had made through the winter, invite friends over and show off the quilts they had made down to the mattress and turn the bed.  Great way to display and get work done as well.  These ladies explained about each quilt's history and ownership...was an interesting demonstration.

 This little wall hanging caught my eye...being the avid dog lover that I am......the dogs had ties on...wonder if the fabric used was actually from their ties...whether it was or not,, I loved the way it honors our beloved pets.
This was another that caught my eye...mainly because I think I can reproduce something similar and if I use colours that match a wall it would make a great wall hanging...don't hold your breath waiting to see my interpretation...I have too many projects just waiting to get done.

Regardless, the day was a terrific one...good friends, had a great lunch, saw some great quilts, ran into old friends and someone else is good!

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