Saturday, April 9, 2016

Appliquing away!

 This is number eight of the Christmas Baltimore that I have been working on.  It seems that each time I start a square I am a little intimidated by all the little pieces that have to go into them but once I get started they just seem to fall into place.  The nice thing about it, all the pieces in the pattern  are numbered so I don't have to sit down and try to figure out which order they have to be applied.  /The hardest part of all is picking out colours.  I'd like to follow the picture as close as possible but not exactly the same...feel me??
This is number was surprisingly easy compared to the rest...absolutely no embroidery either which was a little different.   The colours are not quite true here....they are a little more brilliant in person unlike the
I spent the day cleaning up containers of fabric...bits and pieces that were too small yet too big to throw out.  I did manage to get rid of a lot of little pieces..and trust me, that was really hard for me.  I just tossed it and refused to look in the direction of the garbage can.  When you are an appliquer, the smallest of pieces are important especially when all you need it a tiny piece of a colour and you just  hate to cut into yardage for it.  Just ask anyone that appliques and they will agree with me.

I also wanted to stash the pieces into colour batches but you know I swear there are thousands of shades of blue and green and yellow and so on.  I did discover, however, that blue and green are my predominate colours. I knew that blue was because I tried to organize blue before but geez, am I ever a green loving person...who knew!

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