Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tote Done!

DD # 1 posted an url , I believe it is a Robert Kaufman website....about a free pattern for a wonderful project tote.  She was looking to challenge some others to make it along with her...well , momma here decided she'd go along for the ride and here is mine.  I wanted to go to the fabric shop and get a bunch of coordinating fabrics but studmuffin wasn't interested in taking me there...he was driving , so I would have had to walk home....besides, as he pointed out I have an awful lot fabric at home....sooooo, I dug into my stash and came up with these...sort of in the same colour range
If not, who cares....I like it. There are five pockets with one zippered .  Worked up fairly easily. The only thing I did that the pattern did not call for was tack down the four corners (lining and outside fabric).  There is lots of room for "stuff" and I have a feeling I will use it.  If DD # 1 does make hers, DD # 2 may like this one....give me a good excuse to make another with fresh, new fabrics from the fabric store...there is always a method to my madness..

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GailM. said...

Oh, now that's nice. I too find it easier to buy new fabrics rather than go through my own stash... It takes way more energy... But I too consider it a prototype.... and if I like it enough to make another, I will buy fabric.. The bag is neat. Love the black detail around the top and the zip pocket is very handy..