Thursday, March 3, 2016

Another PHD...I am so smart...s m r t!!

 I had this pattern for ages and even made one of these Bionic Gear Bags a while ago. That other one,  I call it my template because it did not turn out as well as I would have liked.  The pattern is 82 pages long...a lot of rhetoric I could have done without...but I guess you could say it is VERY detailed and not always clear...but I hung in there and got the first one done...poorly.   It  was definitely adequate but I just didn't like the finished's the second attempt...much prettier for sure and certainly sewn much better.  I extended the exterior zipper from 24 to 26 inches long and used a different pellon for the stabilizer in the main part.  helped a lot!!
 I even got daring and tried the bag dumpling...that's that little zippered bag inside....turns out even that wasn't too difficult , however..I am one of those people that if 5 will do I will get 10 just in case and that is the case with the wonder too many and stuffs the little dumpling..appropriate, no?
The pattern calls for magnetic snaps to hold the dumpling in place but I plan on using  regular snaps...a couple on the bottom and one on the side should hold it in place.... maybe I will leave some wonder clips out....

on a side note, we have satellite tv and just the other day I decided to see what was offered in music stations...found one that had jukebox oldies..been havin' a ball listening to music that I used to listen to in ...dare I say it????,,,the sixties....and no I was not a flower child....

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