Sunday, September 6, 2015


I have so many quilts I've forgotten a few. I decided that I wanted to put another quilt on the bed and went looking in a glass doored cabinet that I have in my sewing room and found this quilt. I really had forgotten it and I always liked it. It's one of those old fashioned type quilts that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I like real butterflies but not quilted ones so much...not sure why I've made some in the first place. BUT this one appealed to me and I must say I do like the quilting I did in the big borders. Anyway, it's been folded up for a couple of years and really needed to be spread out. Hence it is having a turn on the if I could only keep the fur kids off.
Here's "Honey, I'm Home" on the railing of the
deck getting an airing out.  I'm hoping the dog hairs will fly off as well. Won't keep it out there long,though, it's too sunny and there are a few birds flying around to get to the feeders.

I've had a good couple of days at the sewing my quilt as you go done I have to do some hand sewing and a little hand quilting to build it along some more.  You'll see it when it has some more substance.  Plus I need to make some more hickory nuts...oh a quilter's job is never done.......

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