Friday, September 25, 2015

I had a fun day!

 This is the Necessary Clutch Purse and I love it.!

I made one a while back and I wasn't totally pleased with it....I used a different pellon than the pattern called for....mistake...not a big one but the wallet just didn't have the stiffness I wanted plus I did not add the wristlet I got the pellon that it called for and a swivel hook and D ring and here is my second attempt.  I made another "oops" but it isn't a really big deal....I turned the zipper part down and it was supposed to be up with the zipper to be pulled from left to right instead of right to biggie but it will probably bug me some.

The interesting thing about this wallet is that it has room for an iphone /cellphone...whatever and since I don't use one there was empty space but I woke up and realized it is the perfect place for my car fob...doh!!!  Anyway, I had a great day sewing....some great conversation with a friend, a great dessert with lunch (bad girl....I know) and now have a new wallet to show for it.  Damn! Life is Good!!


Barb said...

What a nice clutch!

GailM. said...

Wonderful. Love your color. I'm cutting out a couple of wallets to send to my sister. I'll sew them up this week...