Monday, August 17, 2015

Little projects are fun.

A friend decided that a microwave bowl was needed so I got right on it and made one.  I put it on the table to show DH and toddled off to prepare supper....when I returned DH decided it make a great bowl for his cherry!!
 Another friend admired my card holder and thought she would like to have one...sooooo, here it is...doggy fabric for her
 Here's the inside of the card holder....all ready for those extra cards you don't use every day but just might need the next time you go "twacking"at the mall. If you are wondering what twacking is , it is shopping at the mall without buying anything....I do a lot of that on occasion.
 Here's my card holder...made  with batiks....but to tell you the truth , I like the doggy one better...I may offer my friend her choice and hope she picks the batik one.  If not, I could always make another...they take about 30 minutes total...a simple craft and easy peasy....

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