Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Got some more things done!

I bought this little iron when I was at the Villa Madonna on a quilt retreat....it works like a little son of a gun.....didn't use it at the retreat because I didn't have an ironing pad to go with it.
Now I do......finished this carrier and it goes with my iron...ta da!!  I would like to note here that when I was putting it all together I wasn't sure which side of the heat resistant fabric to use...after getting it all finished I realized I had doubled the fabric and the tote was a little heavier that it was supposed to be...oh well, it still works great.
I swear I have the best daughters in the world.  My oldest...a quilter...is gathering some row by row patterns for me...she is in Ottawa. I'm looking forward to getting the patterns from her.  BUT...these patterns came for me today....from my younger daughter....not a quilter...she went around the city in Edmonton and got some patterns for me too...on the QT plus she added some fat quarters AND some hand lotion for quilters...it truly is Christmas in July for me. I am so lucky!
Here's another set of placemats that I made with my new toy....this pattern is from Three Dudes quilting and I must say it was fun to do. I got the fabrics in a kit at Joanne's Christmas Crab Quiltery in New Maryland...a wonderful quilt shop on its own but its owner has amazing taste in fabrics and colours.  The other set you see with the bowl on it also came from there. Worth a drive to visit!

I don't know what it is about seeing the hay in bales across the valley where we live  but it just soothes me somehow...maybe it's knowing that a big job has been done...making hay while the sun shines.........

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