Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sudoku is in the Frame!

 As soon as I finished DD # 2's quilt..the Illusion quilt, I put the Sudoku quilt in the frame.  I pondered long and hard on how to quilt this one.  I was tempted to send it off to a longarm quilter and get an all over pattern on it. Then I just kept looking at it until something came to me.  Since there are no curves anywhere on this quilt it stood to reason that curves would be the answer.....where to find the right ones.  The outside curve pattern on the dark green...fairly visible in the bottom picture , I saw on pinterest for some machine's adaptable for the hand quilter, although I did have to draft it for the size of the outside light and middle dark borders.
For the inside border which was the extent of the quilt size on the pattern instructions I did a variation of the twisted of my favourites since it is easy to fudge to fit the lengths of the borders...important when drawing the pattern on, plus it could be adapted to the inside sashing easily enough. I didn't make up my mind how to quilt each square until I came to it and then it just told me....yeah, quilts do talk to me now and I am not going least, I don't think so...course, I would be last to know wouldn't I?
Anyway, I really like the different quilting on each square...I have the first row done, I've rolled the quilt since these pics were taken and now I am on the second row...only 72 more little squares to quilt and of course the borders and sashing...geez...a quilter's work is never done.