Sunday, April 26, 2015

What a morning!

This was the view out our back deck this morning...that cloud you see in the valley is actually was pea soupy earlier but I was a little sleepy and waited too long to take a picture.
 This was the view looking straight out and that is ground fog you see rising from the field behind us.  I've seen some very unusual weather since we moved here...makes life interesting.
I started this project at the Villa Madonna on a four day retreat...should be called vacation....I attended this past week. No cooking, no cleaning...just sewing, hand sewing, knitting and wonderful fellowship with fellow quilters. I won't even get into how fabulous the food'll be jealous.

The project is a Sudoku quilt and this is the first square. I just finished the last of the 81 squares I had to make to do this quilt....all 6 inches square.  Now I have to make sure I arrange them exactly according to the picture.  I do not like sudoku puzzles but this concept intrigued me.. Nothing like a challenge to keep the juices flowing.

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