Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 I had to take a couple of pictures for posterity.  After all, with my memory I will forget just how much snow actually came down this winter.  That middle set of windows is our bedroom...the snow drifted up there naturally and when DH did some snow blowing he added a bit to it. ....kind of hard not to with the fierce winds we had.
That black curve you see in the snow is a shepherd's crook in my flower bed.  It stands over six feet high...today it has started to recede...a good thing....
 DH did a walk way to the back so he could snow blow a place for the puppies to do their business and for us to access the heat pump AND for the NB power guy to read our meter...doesn't look too bad except for the fact the banks are thigh high...good thing I didn't have to wade through it.
Just to give you some perspective...here are Tigger (furthest out) and Faith heading out for a little wizz time.. Prior to this snowfall DH had snowblowed out straight between the two posts at least 30 or 40 feet....it was all submerged under snowdrifts and high winds.  What a winter!!!

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