Saturday, March 7, 2015

Winter is STILL here!

It's been a harsh winter this year.  Just to give you an idea of how much this is one of our basement windows...snow is halfway up the wall.....
 Looking out the patio door to the left...we scrape the snow off the deck and this is where it is as of now...
 to the right and again..snow from the deck.  It's like a mini fortress out there. and believe it or not the wind still whistles around and fills in even more snow.

 HOw's that for a sunset.  What gorgeous colours....and the next day was indeed sunny and beautiful even if there is still piles and piles of snow.  It's going to take forever for the snowbanks to recede.
I bought a squedge ruler last year and put it of those 'round-to-its' we all have. The ladies of the evening at guild want to make one of these table toppers so I figured I'd better brush up on the technique.  I'm still not happy with my machine quilting but I will persevere. I have to remind myself that it all does not have to be done in five minutes.  Will I never learn!!!!

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