Thursday, April 24, 2014

Extreme Hexagon

I'm one of those people that just have to figure out how things work and why.  When I saw this quilt..not sure where...I just had to sit down and draft up the pattern.  Got my fabric all cut out and ready to put the design together when I was surfing one evening and saw this pattern with instructions on Quilter's Cache. It's called Jack's Chain and when I checked through my list of "someday I'm going to make this' , there it was...mind you, I didn't have a pattern just a picture so I guess that worked out all right. I need a challenge now and then and really have to challenge doesn't quite work when someone else challenges me...I get stubborn and dig my heels Mom used to say I was perverse .

 Looked out our patio window the other morning and there they were..all still and watching something along the way. They stayed there for quite a while.  Sure do love to see them...mind you, not when they eat my hostas...

I swear this little princess is the laziest Sheltie around. Even when she decides she doesn't want the birds in the backyard she only barks at them while Tigger gives chase. I can almost hear her saying "nah, not today." That's Faith for ya!


Barb said...

Funny about your dog...why do it when someone else will...HA!!!

mmae said...

Thanks so much for posting a picture of this Beautiful & Awesome quilt! I've been searching for a photo of your entire quilt, and i Love it! I love the colors & everything, & i am so INSPIRED! -even tho it took me two years to find it :)