Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PHD here I come!!

 Well wouldn't I be proud it the heading meant I was receiving a Phd....however, in this case it means projects half done.   Like this one.  I started it two years ago...yeah, that's right, TWO years ago.  I had just been introduced to backstitch applique and fell in love with it...so very accurate and such pointy points.   Plus I was beginning to seriously think about doing some machine quilting and was pathetic at it.  After taking a class with Gail Mitchell  I found a little more courage to sit at the machine and quilt so I finished this table topper.    I still like the project but have no place for it....ah well....maybe I can move things around..
Now this is not quite a phd but it IS something I wanted to try. It is a self-binding receiving blanket and so quick and easy to do.  The instructions are over at Missouri Star Quilt co.  you can check out their blogs on You tube or just type in Missouri Star Quilt co in your search engine and find scads of wonderful, quick and easy designs.  That Jenny Doan is amazing and explains things so well. Not sure where this blanket is going to go either, but for sure it will find a baby somewhere that needs it.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Well; it is very pretty. I hope you keep at the machine quilting. I am still trying to learn....have to keep at it.

GailM. said...

Nice. I have made those self binding baby blankets. They are so nice. Beautiful applique. I never tried that type of back stitch applique. I must give it a try.

Millstream Mom said...

I bought some flannel and hope to have one of those baby blankets done this week. Yes, a 10-minute project really does take me at least 3 days :)

Happy Canada Day weekend Gail!

Unknown said...

I have made several of the self binding baby blankets, and they are awesome! Jenny Doan is amazing! I would love to go to her shop someday.
I am so enjoying your blog! I have a Pattern for the iron caddy, and hopefully will get it done someday!