Friday, May 10, 2013

Poor TV night!

 There was very little that interested me on television tonight. As a result I got bored.....again! This is a mug bag ...I downloaded the pattern from Red Brolly website....I believe it is Australian...anyway, it worked up rather quickly considering I didn't start it until around 8:30 p.m. and finished it , including the hand stitching before 10p.m.  I have a mug bag that I made ages ago and I really didn't like it that much so now I have a new one and this one I do like.  That isn't my favourite mug in there but I just wanted to see how one would fit...quite well as you can see..that is a green tea(my tea of choice) bag peeking out of the pocket.
Here's the front of the little bag with its appliqued butterfly on the front.  The button is actually two buttons, a larger one in back and a small thread spool on top.  I sure am going to have a lot of show and tell this coming week at guild.  I made two cuddle quilts, this bag, my snap bag and 12 preemie knit caps and in between I cleaned up my flower beds...sheesh I make no wonder I  keep thinking today is Saturday...I've lost count of the days...oh,oh!!!