Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Machine Quilter here!

 I took a class today "Beyond Basic Free Motion Machine Quilting"...our teacher was Gail Mitchell from Fredericton and I highly recommend her as a teacher....with whatever, she decides to teach...her blog is Quilt, Knit , Run,Sew and can be found quilt-knit-run-sew.blogspot.com  Don't be fooled by this picture, we did not spend a lot of time sitting around while she explained....it was here's what you do and why you do it and away we went to our machines and got down to it.....my kind of class. She's making her model pose here for a giggle.
This wonderful project was a gift from Gail to me for organizing this class....how every thoughtful of her and I love it!  I am going to brag somethin' awful at quilt guild on Tuesday.
 This is the inside ...before I start adding my 'stuff' so I can take my little kit for sewing with me where ever I go....geez, I am so lucky!
 I decided to include my mishmash of machine quilting ...don't look real close, I have to do a lot of practicing. But now I know how to go about doing it properly and that really makes a big difference. I plan on improving so I will keep you posted as I improve.
 I really like this squiggle pattern, especially when it is seen in patchwork.  ...I can do this.....my sewing improved as the morning wore on....still need to work on my curves...takes practice, right?
This was another pattern where in I learned that I can control the pattern side to side much better than up and down....although we had to practice both. I also learned that turning the fabric as I moved along really wasn't the best way to make the curves...again, I need to practice keeping the fabric going in one direction and one only....If I wasn't so tired I'd be at my machine right now....maybe tomorrow.  What a great day! I learned so much and that's always a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Gail certainly is a great teacher. She is very organized and tons of fun. Lucky ladies. Definitely check out her blog regularly. It is one of my favorites. Gail is an amazing lady. And lucky you to have won one of her Bloomin Wallets. Lucy

GailM. said...

Yeah... It was a fun day. I loved sharing all my stuff with you all. I feel I know you all more and more, and better and better in the Sussex Guild everytime I visit. I was so pleased that every one of your students today, make an effort to say THANK YOU to me before they left. I was really glad to hear that they felt their day was worth it! I had a nice sunny drive back to Freddy Beach.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great job on the quilting Gail....I just bought a Tiara long arm and am practicing also. I really like what you did in class.

Thanks for the link too

ReBecca P said...

Wish I had had the time - looks like I would have learned a few things. -Next time for sure!