Sunday, March 31, 2013

I miss Reader!!!

 I miss Google's REader, I really do. I had all the blogs I like to follow listed on Reader and all I had to do was check in each day or every couple of days and click on and see what everyone was doing.  And now Reader is gone...poof, just like that. They did give a warning that it was going to go by April 1st and last week when I decided I had best transfer my list over to my blog..lo and behold there it was...GONE!!!  Google, how could you !

Well, enough I am going to have to hunt down all my favourite blogs and list them somewhere else so that I can find them at a finger touch on a key.

This is my BOM that our guild is doing. It's that one that really has no function in my life since I do not have grand kids. I will finish it anyway...quilt it and put it in my cabinet that is already full of 'just in case' quilts..  you just never know, right?

 I'm down to two rolls and this quilt is finally quilted.  Then comes my favourite part of quilting...the binding.  I love to snuggle under the quilt and hand sew the binding. I usually have a companion when I's not only cats that love quilts.
 I'm off to a 3 day quilting retreat after next week and this is one of the projects I am taking with me.  It is already 'sandwiched' and well basted for machine heard me...machine quilting!  I enjoy the occasional foray into machine work. I am not very good at it but it really just needs some practise and this is a perfect opportunity since there will be some pretty amazing machine quilters there to give me tips....method to MY madness.
 Tigger finally looked at me long enough to get a picture of her pretty face.  You can see those crooked bottom teeth. Funny thing about that...they were perfectly straight when she came to us and have gotten crooked since she 'matured' ...physically that is. She and Faith still hate getting their teeth brushed.
Here's the last square in my BOM from above...the teddy bear...without the embellishments.  I backbasted appliqued this last night while watching the Harry Potter marathon on TV...I'm one of those  movie addicts...doesn't matter if I've seen it before or not...if it's on, I'll watch it. 

Since it is Easter Sunday, I will wish all of you a Happy Easter...I hope the Easter bunny left only chocolate eggs in your basket....cheers!!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Give Blogvin a is even nicer thank Google Reader was.

Linda H said...

Are you sure it is gone? Everything I've read said it wasn't going until JULY 1??