Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Practical Streak

 I've got a practical streak a mile wide...if I can't put it to use, I really don't want it.  We've downsized our home and I got rid of a lot of "froufrou"(my word for useless things) and you know I still have a lot but that will all go later.  If you take a good look at this little bath mat you will see some threads missing...blame Tigger...she likes string, fabric, newspaper and anything that she thinks she should eat ( I swear she has no taste buds). Anyway, I've been meaning to chuck this little mat but never got around to it......until today.....
 Here's my new bathmat....It's the 3d bow tie easy little technique. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I have to say I am becoming addicted to searching the DIY and Crafts category....there are sooooo many clever people out there in cyberland.
 I took a thick hand towel that wasn't being used that much...still very fluffy, measured it and planned my layout on EQ.
Spent  yesterday sewing (and reading and watching a movie...DH has gone to the camp) and it is...That puppy paw you can just see at the top is Tigger..probably trying to figure out if it is edible.
This is a pic out of our patio door during the last snow storm....the wind blew the BBQ across the deck...dogs went nuts and then the snow just whipped around and drifted all over the deck....good thing it is sturdy and can withstand the weight. Took a whole morning to clear the snow away...don't you just love winter!!!!


Barb said...

Now that is clever, and to make shower curtain to fun would that be?

ReBecca P said...

experimenting, designing- and a ooak bath mat well done -see you are creative!!!