Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canadian, eh?

This is the book... by Helaine Becker with illustrations by Werner Zimmerman.  A friend at guilt guild wondered if it could be adapted to an appliqued wallhanging...a challenge for me over the summer. Of course, I just had to try it.  I've always been able to draw cartoon should see my Snoopy...but I cannot create so I sat down with some graph paper and doodled away...lots of erasures but it started to come together a couple of weeks ago.
 Here is the result.  I like putting together shoebox quilts...little bits of fabric, mathematics and scraps of Christmas themed fabric and voila... I will probably add some wider borders...maybe some applique of  holly and berries, that's always fun.
 This was one of my favourite ones to do...wonder why...DH didn't see the humour.
 And of course, the porcupine in the pine much fun..... the last page of the book shows the pine tree, full and luxurious with lots of ornaments and all the characters gathered around it.
This is another truly Canadian icon, the Toronto "Make Believes", sorry the Maple Leafs, vying for the Stanley Cup.  Helaine Becker is now my heroine....


Linda said...

Love it!

ReBecca P said...

for someone who "can't create" your doing an awsome job! And I just had a look at the Chinese Checkers-Beautiful !!!!!

Linda H said...

Gail I LOVED this quilt in your Show. I hope it got the Viewers Choice ribbon for wallhanging - it got MY vote. Sooo cute. I too loved the RCMP with the donuts... lol (apologies to hubby)