Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If all else Fails!

 Read the Instructions!!!..That should be my credo.  This strange looking thing is a Twisted Thread Catcher (can be found at )
It looks fine from this angle...however if I turned it sideways you would see that the bottom does not fit into the embroidery inside hoop like it is supposed to. After all the fiddlely handsewing and fussing with it, I was so annoyed with myself for screwing it up I immediately reread the directions.  Should have done that first. I didn't cut the proper size for the cardboard used to form the base.  Doh! Doh! and stupid Doh!
This is what the catcher looks like when it is in I could always fake it and pretend that I did it that way deliberately...yeah right....I just know someone will ask "how come yours doesn't fit in the hoop like Judy's?"  She does good work...perfectionist kind of work so I knew I had to smarten up and do it right. is my second attempt...a brighter fabric to be sure AND after reading the instructions I should have in the first place , this time the bottom fits into the sewn hoop and collapses down properly for storage in your sewing kit for at last.

Remember my  previous post when I decided to use a smaller needle size to see if I could slide the needle through the fabric easier. Well...this is what happens to me if I use small needles...and this was a size 8 which should have held up against my strength...guess not.  And to top it all off, this was after three stitches...just call me Sampson...I am not cutting my hair!!!!

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