Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Holidays Pinks

With the holidays over, it gets kind of quiet in the house....all the decorations are put away...wahhh! must cut out all the goodies to eat...jeans are too tight....wahhhh!  So, it's time to buckle down and have some fun with the sewing machine. are a couple of bookmarks I made yesterday...Yeah, you read right...bookmarks(e-reader owner, here) that would make  fun little Valentine's gifts...not expensive and fun to do

Here you can see how they work. The small pocket on the back is for tucking the pages in to hold your place(actually on the other side...the heart does the work...kind of like life, no???)
I also got bitten by the postcard bug. They are easy to do...cut 5" X 7" to give yourself an allowance and create whatever you want inside a 4" X 6" area. You are limited only by your imagination....mine is limited for sure, but what the hey, I had fun. I used TimTex to give the postcard substance  and then a fabric on the back. Got out my coloured Sharpies and went to it. These are reverse appliqued...something I've been playing with for awhile. To finish , I zigzagged the four by six edges and trimmed down....easy-peasy...

I made a half dozen of these cones before Christmas...I can't remember if I posted them or not...but just in case, I'm posting again. I gave them all, except this one, away for gifts to friends and hostesses. Before doing that, I sabotaged everyone's willpower by adding a package of Hershey almond or caramel  chocolate kisses.  I try to be a good friend...teehee.

                                                                                   Here are the puppies waiting for their ice cubes. On the left is Faith...she's the 'small' the middle is Tigger ..she's the 'medium' and then there is Walker...he's the 'large' and not finished growing.  They were a joy to watch ...two cuddlers..Faith and Walker and the hellraiser 'Tigger'...that's my girl !


janet said...

I love the bookmarks, so clever! Did you make them up or is there a pattern somewhere?

Love Of Quilts said...


Barb said...

I saw those bookmarks and just loved them.

Cute puppies.