Monday, September 19, 2011

Still at it!

 Here are the latest "Dutch Treat" squares I've done. I actually have quite a few of these little buggers done.I would have taken pictures of more but I have been having a long involved discussion with my just won't listen to me...seems the internal image storage was acting up and I have been unable to access my pictures on the computer since the docking station went kaput. These pictures actually did go onto the memory card so luck was with me..I do these 6 at a time and then store them in a little storage never know someday they might end up in a quilt.
 Faith thought she might play with a toy for about two seconds...mainly because she thought Tigger wanted it....oh these fur kids of mine!!!
This is our latest acquisition.  The treadmill refused to work comments from the peanut gallery about overloading machinery please.  We missed the exercise for a couple of weeks then DH made up his mind that he would like to try the elliptical machine...looks like Gail got her way again, even if it took her a few! I wanted one of these ages ago and now here it is...sure is quite a difference from the treadmill...a much harder workout  but low impact on knees , hips and even the back. We're both appreciating that, I can tell you!!
And this is why we need an elliptical machine...too many pies.  Got feeling domestic today and made a half dozen pies to freeze. We had visited the farmer's market last Friday and bought some apples and pears.....they looked so good.  Have you ever had Pear is surprising delicious...I have DH's permission to make pear pie again...aren't I the lucky girl?

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