Saturday, January 29, 2011

I like this one better!

If you read my last blog you will notice that this table topper is a much better selection of fabrics. I took my time and really played with the colours that I liked. Tis actually bigger than the table I had designated it for , but what the heck. It won't be there forever. I'll get bored with it and decide on making something else. After a whole year in this house I still have not tackled the upstairs. We finished the downstairs and it is quite comfortable now so I guess I'll have to make decisions as to colours and decor and "stuff" like that for upstairs.. Not my favourite thing to do. I'd rather be quilting..
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Barb said...

I would soooo love this tutorial...this is sooo awesome!!

Cheryll said...

The table topper looks FaNtAsTic. So striking... and unusual!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

LOL...I can relate with the decorating thing....I hate to paint,make those decisions and what not....and the topper looks great ...thank you for the it.