Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quilting my Broken Star

I'm at the halfway point quilting my Broken star table topper. I'd like to get it finished before next Tuesday and have it for show and tell.  If my fingers cooperate and don't get too sore , I may make it. If not, I'll certainly have it for our last meeting of the year which just happens to be the end of November as our Christmas get together.
 This picture is of one of those moments you have to say "ahhh!"  Faith was cuddling in DH's arms and fell asleep. She is such a cuddle bum...will stay in your arms snuggled in until she gets too warm.
And this one certainly fits Tigger..she's a playful creature..not given to hugs and kisses but will tolerate some if she has to. Our 'wild child' has calmed down quite a bit since Faith came along. Faith is calm and easy going and Tigger watches her all the time. They play well together...when Faith wants to, that is.

On a  sidenote, my friend, Linda is having a giveaway and it is a gorgeous one.  Just head on over to here and leave a comment, become a follower and you'll get a double shot at winning. Trust me, it is a wonderful giveaway. Of course, I expect to win  too so don't be disappointed when I do...tee hee!!!

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Mimi said...

We have a Sheltie too and Buddy is a momma's boy! My dh shakes his head when Buddy falls asleep on my lap. What can I say, he is the baby of the family! Faith and Tigger are beautiful!