Monday, May 31, 2010

Potholder coices?

Our guild is holding its annual dinner meeting tomorrow and the president challenged us to bring A potholder for exchange. No specifics...just a potholder.  Now I am one of those quilters that needs direction...point me the right way and I'll do what needs to be done...don't give me too much freedom, I'll stumble. You should see all the "stumbles" I have floating around in  boxes and totes in my sewing room.

To that end, I made I have to choose which one I want to give away.  The picture below consists of Japanese patterned fabric...never sure what to do with those. I like them but I have never utilized them properly.

The colours are pretty but it is unassuming and probably won't interest anyone...AND, the apple one has teflon coated heat resistant fabric on the back.

Who am I  kidding, looks like it will be the apple...right.

Even Tigger agrees...caught her mid blink...looks like she's laughing at me.
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GailM. said...

Yep, I say the apple. It's sweet. Have fun at your dinner. If you are ever in Fredericton, drop by for a coffee.

Funoldhag said...

It would be the apple for the potholder, but I love the other one, too. Great fabrics. You could use that one as a pretty coaster for a vase of flowers, maybe. Have fun tomorrow!! Carol

janet said...

The apple is adorabl. And so is the dog :)