Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've Made another Bag

I bought the pattern for this bag last fall but we were in the process of moving and it got put aside. Then once we got settled in, I decided the fabric I thought would work, sucked. So, off I went to the fabric shop and chose something entirely different from my first choice(more funky). This fabric is a flowery , paisley type in green with beige and the contrast fabric is a darker green with black ...pictures don't really do it justice , it's really quite snazzy.

I have to take my laptop with me to a conference and I wanted a 'pretty' bag instead of the serviceable ugly black bag my hubby used to use for his laptop. He doesn't understand how us quilters just like to make our own although, by his smarmy grin, I think he is getting the message.

The pattern was quite detailed, but easy to follow. I cut out all the pieces and labelled them last night...took a while . I started sewing this morning and finished it this evening. Once I get a rhythm going , I hate to stop.

The thing that I liked about this bag is all the zippered pockets. It even has a swivel toggle for keys...side pockets for water bottle or umbrella and zippered pocket for passport...velcroed pocket for cell phone...It has it all.

It would make a great travel bag. Too bad, I'm not travelling too far these days.

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Cynthia L. said...

This is a great bag, I can see how you could tote your computer in it. I am not someone who does well with zippers, so kudos to you for putting all of them in. I know you will enjoy this!

Funoldhag said...

That is one good looking bag - you did yourself proud. I am sure you will really enjoy using your beautiful new bag. :-) Carol

Joanne said...

Great bag. Love all the pockets, and the zipper top is perfect. ♥

Riel said...

Oh yeah, your laptop is totally travelling in style! A+

GailM. said...

I think I have that pattern. I was going to make one, but it seemed like a lot of work. Is it the Professional Tote. It's not that hard to make you say...Looks like a great bag.

Snuffysmom said...

Wow , I like it and I love Paisley. I like all the pockets , but I am not good with putting in zippers . Great job!

Irene's Quilting Corner said...

Love your bag and I am sure you will use it often! I love mine, my DD loves her's too....have made 4 total and they are all being used daily--teachers love them! Great job!!!!

And for those worried about zippers--these go in great if you follow the instuctions (nothing like putting in those dress zippers, etc.)