Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Label or Not to Label

That is the question, indeed. This is the label that I chose for my daughter's quilt. While I was attaching it to the back it occured to me that I have quilts of my own that do not have a label. I really have to get busy and make sure they are all labelled.
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GailM. said...

None of my quilts are labeled. I make labels for the quilt tops that I give to the church to quilt, but they don't have my name on them... I've been wanting to design a quilt standard quilt label for my quilts. It would be all the same style, just different info as it pertains to the quilt.

Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

My mom taught me to ALWAYS label my matter what! But, I'm with you - I have a MUCH easier time labeling quilts that I give away...and most of my quilts at home don't have anything close to a label!
However, I have learned it's good to label because then you'll always have a date and place on your quilt :) :) :)