Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kirstin's Hunters Star

This is a close up of the border on Kirstin's quilt. The pattern for the quilt is the Hunter's Star or Indian Arrowhead.  Spent most of last night and pretty well all afternoon marking it. I used Fons and Porter's marking pencil for dark fabrics and I must say I am sold. It works extremely well...the best marking for dark fabric I have ever used and you must remember I have been doing this craft for 32 years. I had a difficult time deciding how to mark it since Kirstin leaves that decision up to me. I love to quilt feathers and it seemed appropriate for a hunter to have feathers around.
I most defininetly will post a pic when it is finished...probably sometime this spring. It is a large of the largest ones I've ever put in the frame. Actually had to cut an inch off all the way around to fit the quilt batt and backing.  Ah well, it will still look great. I am so proud of my daughter...she is becoming a really talented quilter.

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