Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thimble Holders

I went to Quilt Guild Project day this afternoon and learned a new (to me) craft. These little thimble holders are made with plastic cut out of a Cool Whip container lid and covered with fabric. They are mostly hand sewn and kind of fun to do. I daresay I will need to make a lot of them considering the fact that I must have at least a dozen thimbles..they are scattered throughout the house...you never know when you might need a thimble.
I would have made more but I ran out of plastic to cut. I usually discard containers but I now have a  use for them and will recycle even more.  Gotta go green as much as possible! right?

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GailM. said...

Cute. I found a free pattern yesterday and i thought of you. It's a small project that I think could be better sewn by hand.


There are other small projects here too.