Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Pin Cushions

The coordinator for the Gathering of the Guilds 2010 (with the Sussex Guild) put in a call for some more pin cushions. Looks like more than the obligatory 3 to 4 delegates for each guild will be attending.  Our goal is to have a pin cushion at each place setting at the banquet..nice little  party favor.  This will be my 4th gathering..missed only one, can't remember why but there you go I got to go to the rest since they first started. It is a terrific way to see what other guilds are doing, get new ideas and really, really get motivated again....not that I need "round-to-it" box is still packed rather tightly.
This time I will not be attending as a delegate...I am a worker bee. I can still attend all the presentations and take loads of pics in between my mind, still a fun thing to do.  April , hurry up and get here.


GailM. said...

These are sweet. I loved going to the gathering of the guilds. I've only been to two I think. I'm not a delegate but I'd love to just drive down for the day to look at all the show and tell. One thing I loved seeing at the last GOG was all the projects made from free patterns. It's amazing what is available for free on the internet. I hope they compile a list of links.

Those pin cushions are really nice.

Linda H said...

HI Gail! Just found your new Blog... Welcome to Blogland! I'll be following you and enjoying all your beautiful projects. Hope you'll follow my Blog too!