Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's Time!

I have too many quilts! there ! I said it out loud.  It's true , I have way too many quilts. If I put a different one on every week, I would spill over into the next year....I'm embarrassed to tell you how many weeks. The shame of it is that they don't get used.  They are folded up in cupboards, closets and even on the floor of some closets. It's ridiculous! I can't remember how many I have given away.  DD's both have a collection of "Mom's Quilts" so it is not like they want any more...DD # 2 said she had one for each month and maybe a spare and did not want any more.  DD #1 is making her own and very prolific at that. Now it has reached the point that she wants her own quilts on her beds instead of Mom's...she is a "modern" quilter although she has a bit of the traditionalist in her blood.   What is a girl to do? To start I could use them instead of keeping them hidden in a cupboard.  Here's my start...this is "Butterflies in my Garden"  done ages week I shall put another in use.

I saw a couple of miniatures at the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton a while ago and it put the bug in my ear.  These are leftover tips from HST's that finish up at one inch. Hated to throw them out.. The minis I saw in Moncton , I think, measured 1/2 inch squares finished...and were extremely well done.  Something to strive for. Plus I bought the binding foot for my Pfaff and tried it out on these...Needs some practice. Not sure I will use it for larger quilts but it is definitely quick and convenient.

                                                                                 On a lighter note I thought you might like to see some of my garden beauties.  I have two clematis plants. This one is the youngest and most prolific. The flowers are huge and so pretty. Then there are the absolute favourite. They smell divine!  I have one planted outside our bedroom window and at night that gorgeous smell just wafts right in. All together I have three peonies and plan on getting a fourth. I have white, pink and fucshia. I am hoping to find one of the deep burgundy peonies.   I have seen the yellow peonies but only at one place  and only for a couple of years before it disappeared....not sure if someone stole it or it died but I do they exist.  Sure do love the flowers!

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