Tuesday, June 6, 2017

For show and Tell

I really hate not having anything for show and tell. Makes me feel like I am slacking off , when in reality I have been slogging away at my PHD's (Projects half done, if you are wondering).Our annual and final meeting for the year is tonight and I wanted something so I blitzed this.
Here's my alphabet quilt...the one I appliqued over the winter, and starting piecing at the Villa Madonna this spring.  Finally got all the sashing and cornerstones done.. If you are wondering it is a Sindy Rodenmayer pattern...Fat Cat Patterns on the interweb. I think I may add some borders to make it just a tad wider. It is a square quilt....I actually prefer them square but in the case of this one, I think I will make it a rectangle since you can't really turn it any other way on the bed.

 As a side note...here is an interesting development.  That bird house is ornamental...really. But this tree swallow decided it would make a good nest. We're kind of happy about having them board in our birdhouse despite the fact they dive bomb us now and then.
 Here's DH helping DD # 2 remove the hard top on her jeep and put on the summer top..  Seems she goes topless a lot in the summer...sounds kinky doesn't it?
Here's a second shot of the alphabet quilt.  The colours seem very subdued ...let me tell you they are not.  I am not a pastel kind of girl!

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Linda H said...

Love the alphabet quilt! Must look up the pattern...