Monday, January 9, 2017

Staring off the new Year Right!

I have a little Scot in me ...the one that hates to throw things away...DD's both say I am a packrat...who am I to argue.  I threw old Tshirts in the ottoman and hung on to them for a few years...This year I got DD # 1 to cut them up into two inch strips.  She joined them like the tutorial for locker hooking explained and we braided them all up.  Here you see about 12 T shirts all ready to be sewn together.

I tried to use my Brother machine but it kept getting the thread tangled and it became a mess so I set up my old Pfaff..the one I hate to get rid of because it is so reliable and not the least bit delicate.
Well, it came through like the trooper it is and zig zagged the strips together just great.  Here is my first attempt using only half of the braid we put together. It is the size DD # 2 said she wanted for her bathroom.  I have enough braided to make another one, so I shall.  Then when I checked the ottoman it was still quite full so I may end up making an even larger one.  It is quite addictive, especially once I learned how to keep the braid from twisting....hint  three socks hold the balls of  Tshirt strips quite well. 

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