Saturday, November 5, 2016

Me three Minis

 Mini number three is done...and as I said I would I made  a Log Cabin (10" by 12") can't see by this picture but I quilted feathers in the light part...feathers that I drew,too.  It was a challenge since the thread kept breaking and at one point I had to pick out way too many stitches that pulled in the back.  Figured it out, though....changed my tension and that seemed to work.  I used variegated thread for the dark...perhaps I should have used the same thread for the least then you could see them.  As it is , you can only see my wonderful (still need practise but I did them) feathers.

Here are the three three minis there....they are in the same colour scheme...I sure did enjoy making them....a challenge to be sure and maybe I should keep on challenging myself since I still believe my machine quilting and sewing needs improvement. One should keep learning no matter what your age or least that is what I am telling's certainly a good excuse to keep quilting....just sayin'.

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